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The Salty Splashes Collection

The Seed of Serendipity

What started out in 2011 as a simple children’s book about a dog soon took on a life of it’s own. Little did we know a handful of cute, precocious characters would turn into the Salty Splashes Collection numbered series, loved by kids and adults throughout the world. We knew the appeal of cartoons, to be sure; but we didn’t realize how many people would be so enamored by our mix of cartoons and rhyming fiction. It seems the simplest things, done well, can be very powerful, indeed.

But, wait a minute; it’s not that easy. Trying to find the right artist to create our vision for retro-style cartoons was quite a process. Colorful story lines and lots of character dialogue required an animated style that showed expression and mood like a visual storyboard. During the production process, the publisher coined the phrase, “Movies On Paper,” to brand the animated style that was emerging. As you’ll see with our upcoming fourth book, Channel Blue, this evolution follows the character’s maturity throughout the series.

Lyrical rhyming fiction, meaty narrative and humorous character dialogue, mixed with full-page cartoon art is unique and captivating. The hybrid concept we ended up with blends picture-book visuals with chapter-book fiction and is loved by children, parents, teachers and librarians because they grab kids’ attention, endear them to our characters, and make them want to read their stories. They’re books kids can grow with, at the time in their lives when books are most important: from preschool through elementary grades.

During one Pajama Night story time at a Montecito school, a crowd of over 100 were enamored by two Salty Splashes stories. The kids had questions about the characters. What will they do next? Who’s the next bad guy? They each had their favorite characters and books. They also couldn’t wait for the next book release. One recurring question was, “When are you doing the movie?” With so many comments about animated adaptations, we’ve started exploring this opportunity. We agree, animation is a logical evolution for Salty Splashes.

Over 25,000 Facebook Likes, countless testimonials and reviews since their November 2013 release, give Salty Splashes cartoons a resounding approval. Many comment, “You’re bringing something back we haven’t seen in decades.” Kids want more stories and they look forward to animated adaptations. Once you get to know the characters and read their profiles, we think you’ll agree these cartoons are begging to come to life.

Find out what everyone’s all excited about. There’s plenty of background right here: read Our Story, About The Team, Portfolio of cartoon bios, and each Book page for details on the stories and where to buy them. Our introductory trilogy is available everywhere in heirloom-quality, jacketed hardcovers that are beautiful and durable.

Listen to our cartoons come to life with sample audiobook tracks. To get a taste of their animation potential, try our enhanced ebooks and audiobook versions which really bring our cartoons to life with voice overs, sound effects and music. Our fourth book, Channel Blue, Riders of the Storm, will be released April 2014 and many more are in the works.

So please stay tuned, help spread the news by sharing our page, and thank you for visiting.

~ The Salty Splashes Team

The Power of Art and Literature

CHARACTER is what makes stories come alive.
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Below Is A Scene From Upcoming Channel Blue

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An Illustrated Surf and Sun Adventure of Epic Proportions, in Metered Rhyme

The Best Book of Summer 2014

New Release | Pub Date: April 30, 2014

Channel Blue

Riders of the Storm

by JZ Bingham | Illustrated by Jason Buhagiar
Book #4 | ISBN:  978-1-939454-07-2 | SRP $16.95

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* These are preliminary scenes, for preview only, and are subject to editorial changes. The final images and text have been modified. 


The Award-Winning Trilogy of the Salty Splashes Collection

“As an elementary educator for 22 years I have read many books to and with my students. Now as a grandmother of seven under 10, I am sharing the joys of reading with them. We have read the three Salty Splashes books with such enthusiasm! The children were mesmerized by the poetic prose and the beautiful illustrations. These well-defined little characters seemed to jump right off the page! We giggled at their antics and talked about the lessons they learned through their adventures. What a fantastic adventure we shared!” ~ Carla Harrison, Oakridge Private School, Orange, CA *****

“Gansevort was my favorite book because Kat sticks up for her friends. I loved it because Kat was mean in the first place and then got over it…Kat and Sammy were my favorite characters. I read it to myself and it was fun. Thank you so much for the books that was so nice. I hope when you make the movie I can see it.” ~ Carly, 8, Los Gatos, CA *****

Published by Balcony 7 Media and Publishing

Mom's Choice Award Recipient

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Discover Our Hybrid Blend: Illustrated Juvenile Fiction
Books For All Ages, That Children Can Grow With. That’s Salty Splashes.

“Salty Splashes books deliberately mix full-page illustrations with great stories told in rhyme so boys and girls, from preschool all the way to third grade and beyond, are drawn into the important habit of reading. With this in mind, you may learn to appreciate the benefits of our books, even beyond their colorful cartoon art, and realize what makes them stand out from the rest is much deeper than what meets the eye.” ~ Randy Lee Morkved, President and Publisher, Balcony 7 Media and Publishing

A librarian recently told us half her early elementary-grade students were less than proficient in reading skills. She was intrigued by our hybrid concept, proclaiming it an “excellent idea.” She, other librarians and parents have shared their concerns that there are not enough children’s books bridging the gap between preschool-style picture books and mid-elementary-grade chapter books; the gap we are filling with Salty Splashes Collection.

Did You Know? Children who aren’t reading at grade-level by fourth grade stand an enormous risk of falling behind in school, and have higher drop-out rates than children who are skilled readers. Early elementary school is when reading skills are most important.

A book that can be introduced to preschoolers, and remain interesting as children grow to become independent readers, is a treasure.

Timeless adventures, lovable characters and memorable rhymes make reading Salty Splashes both fun and smart. Starting your child’s collection is an investment in literacy. Classic stories in heirloom-quality hardcover books never get old.   [read more...]

Global Opportunities: Licensing Rights, Translations, Film, Television

Principals interested in tapping the worldwide potential of our Salty Splashes original cartoon franchise may contact our agent, Sylvia Hayse, using the contact information below. Share our vision for wholesome entertainment.

Sylvia Hayse Literary Agency, LLC
Bandon, Oregon 97411, USA
email Sylvia at:
cell: +1.541-404-3127

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"Their passion is evident in what they create. The cartoons reflect their attitude, joy and commitment."

~ Randy Lee Morkved | Founder of Balcony 7 | Publisher of Salty Splashes

Meet The Dynamic Duo Behind Salty Splashes Stories

Meet The Author of Salty Splashes

JZ Bingham


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Meet The Artist of Salty Splashes

Jason Buhagiar

Artist for Salty Splashes Collection Jason Buhagiar.

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Global Opportunities: Licensing ~ Translations ~ Film ~ Television

Sylvia Hayse Literary Agency, LLC
Bandon, Oregon 97411, USA
email Sylvia at:
cell: +1.541-404-3127

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